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Tanning Beds in New Philadelphia, Ohio

Get the color you have always wanted at Aztec Tanning in New Philadelphia, Ohio. We offer a variety of tanning beds and stand-up booths for you to choose from. All rooms, beds, and stand-up booths are fully cleaned and sterilized after each use.

20-Minute Tanning Beds

When you are looking to achieve the perfect tan, Aztec Tanning is your number one source. To help you achieve the color you desire, we offer private rooms featuring 100-watt tanning beds. Your tanning service will include a skin type test in which your tanning schedule will be based, eyewear, lotions, and tanning oils. The price for our 20-minute tanning session is:
• Five Sessions:
• 10 Sessions:
• 20 Sessions:

15 Minute 160 Watt Tanning Beds With Or Without Facial Tanners Pricing

• One Sessions:
• Five Sessions:
• 10 Sessions:

12 Minute Standup Booth Sunup II 160 Watt With 1000 Watt Facials

• One Sessions:

Do Not Sell Packages To This Piece Of Equipment But You Can Upgrade To This Machine From Any Package

• Upgrade Fee for 20-Minute Package
• 15-Minute Package
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